Moi Paiai Preparation October 07 2013, 2 Comments

Whether we’re at the annual Prince Lot Hula Festival or making some ai for Whole Foods, most people tend to think our process begins and ends at pounding. However, this is in fact one of the last stages of our process. The below video demonstrates the cleaning, care, and finally pounding of an absolutely optimal Moi taro from Waipio, moku o Keawe.

It all begins, of course, with our farmers from Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and moku o Keawe. After careful and steadfast stewardship, we cook it in industrial-grade pressure cookers to minimize direct contact with water. Then, we clean the taro. Finally, it is prepared by one of the Mana Ai poi-fessionals, pounded on one of our papa kuiai – poi-pounding boards – carved from local Kamani, Monkeypod, or Mango woods using one of our pohaku kuiai – poi-pounding stone – gathered from local streams and carved by hand.
Both of these instruments – papa and pohaku kuiai – are available for purchase through our nonprofit organization Hui Aloha Aina Momona ( We offer completed papa and pohaku and cured slabs should you choose to get your hands dirty carving a treasure that will last generations. Our only requirement in purchasing a papa and pohaku is that neither is used for display or collection purposes. Our tools are built to feed, to bring life to your family.
If you find you’re interested in taking a more proactive role in producing food for your family, you can call Daniel @ 808.542.1326 to see when completed papa and pohaku or cured slabs will next be available.
Gotta go! A hui hou.
~ Trevor