Fresh Beginnings August 26 2013, 1 Comment

Having now a new home for our website, complete with a state-of-the-art eCommerce function, we’ll be playing a little catch-up updating our blog materials. We promise to integrate all our information into one interface so that users may access our videos, articles, and profiles without having to scroll through a Google search, but it’ll take us some time.
As the first post in what surely will be many, check out the video profile below of one of our partners, Daniel Anthony. Daniel, or Bruddah Daniel, fell in love with both taro and agriculture at an early age. He grew up on the Ohana Poe kuleana lands in Waianae, Oahu. These were some of the last kuleana lands in all of Waianae. It was there, under the tutelage of Tutu Man, knee-deep in the loi kalo – the wetland taro patch – that Daniel fell in love with mama aina and Haloa. He’s worked to translate this love into not only a small business but also a household philosophy governing all thoughts, all words, and all actions.
On Thursdays and Fridays, the Mana Ai boys get together to cook some taro. They gather around a few buckets and begin the process. They pohole. They ihi twice – the whole time talking story. And when they’ve enough to fill the weekly orders, they begin to kui. On these days the sound of the pohaku striking the ai and papa rings throughout the neighborhood, out to Waikalua loko ia, deep into ma uka. It’s a sound the pohaku, the aina, have heard for over 1000 years. We’re working to revive our bodies through our food and our aina through our work, because you can’t have ai without aina.
So, welcome to our new home. Order some paiai if you’d like. We just uploaded some pretty mean recipes that’ll guarantee fill your opu. We ship anywhere within the Continental U.S. If you’re on Oahu, we sell raw taro as well. If you have a question or concern you’d like to run by us, no shame reach out. In parting, check out our Throw to Grow profile below. Big shout-out to our wizard engineer Sara Phillips for building us an awesome website, and to Each One Teach One Farms and Nate Peracciny for producing one kickass video.
Gotta go! A hui hou.
~ Trevor


Throw To Grow Profile: Daniel Anthony Part 01 from nathan m peracciny on Vimeo.